Ingrid Tusell is an artist who was born in Barcelona and is now living in an old restored mill in the mountainous terrain of Teruel, Spain. Ingrid paints women who are reminiscent of strong female indigenous warriors. Their frozen, intense gaze permeates a sense of “otherworldly” knowledge and feminine universal energy. Often riddled with animal and plant life, Ingrid’s female subjects meld within their environments allowing them to have a symbiotic connection to nature. Ingrid’s heroines are not only eco-warriors at heart but spiritual mystics in soul. There is a thoughtful vulnerability in Ingrid’s work that is highlighted by her earthy color palette and expressive brush strokes. Ingrid Tusell has exhibited in various parts of the world. Her work has been part of group shows for Alexi Era Gallery in Eugene, Oregon, Haven Gallery in Newport, New York, La Bodega Gallery in San Diego, California and Swoon Gallery in Los Angeles, California. If you would like to view more of Ingrid’s work, visit her website at or email her at

Luciano Martinez ( Blo Pop Magazine introduction)

Ingrid Tusell is an internationally exhibited artist from Teruel, Spain. Her work, mostly oil on canvas, embodies an empowered feminine psyche that is in harmony with the rest of nature. While quite beautiful, her subjects, often depicted with flora and fauna, are “wild at heart” and able to tame beasts; yet, they somehow still reveal courage in never fearing their own vulnerability. This feminine archetype embraces nature as her tribe and the result is magical.

                                       Aunia Kahn ( Alexi Era Gallery) 

“When women reassert their relationship with the wildish nature, they are gifted with a permanent and internal watcher, a knower, a visionary, an oracle, an inspiratrice, an intuitive, a maker, a creator, an inventor, and a listener who guide, suggest, and urge vibrant life in the inner and outer world.” ― Clarissa Pinkola Estés, “Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype”


     Current and Upcoming shows

2024.     Tribal Enigma Solo Show Haven Gallery. New York

2023     Solo Show "Ritual" Curio art gallery ( Portugal)

              WowXWow gallery.  Ethereal Orchard  

              Wowxwow  Volume2. 

               Galeria 22 " Anima Mundi" LA Fresneda ( Teruel)

               Inverarity Gallery " Nights Garden" Show ( Scotland)


2022     SOLO SHOW "Anima" Haven Gallery, New York 

              Wowxwow " Imaginators-A -Go-Go  

2021     Inverarity Gallery  "Grimms´s Tales"  Scotland 

              Haven Gallery " Of The Land, sea and Sky" New York 
              Cactus Gallery. "All The witch Theme "  Los Angeles 

2020     SOLO SHOW "Into the wild" Haven Gallery NY.

 2019    Penumbra art Gallery 20" groupshow  ( Portugal)
 2019    Haven Gallery "Music Box IV" groupshow.  (New York)
 2019    L.A Art Sow "Littletopia" Los Angeles with Sally Centigrade Gallery ( Los Angeles)
 2019    Haven Gallery " Elements" (on May) New York
 2019    Inverarity Gallery " Nine Lives" groupshow  (Scotland)
 2019    Haven Gallery  " La Lune II " New York

 2018    Sally Centigrade Gallery " Insecta" featured Copycat Violence Collective, (Denver) USA
 2018    La Bodega Gallery " Venus" ,San Diego ( California)
 2018    Inverarity Gallery " Magic & Medicine"  Scotland  
 2018    Haven Gallery " Rêve" On April ,( New York) USA
 2018    Cactus gallery " Loteria Show" on April ,( Los Angeles)
 2018    La Bodega Gallery " Animal´s Spirit" San Diego ( USA)
 2018    Alexi Era Gallery " Flora & Fauna" Eugene (USA)
 2018    Haven Gallery " Her Majesty" On August ,( New York) USA
 2018.   Alexi Era Gallery “Summoning the Muse” Groupshow (Oregón) USS

 2017   Haven Gallery " Art history"  groupshow , New York ( USA)
 2017   Sally Centigrade Gallery " Revival" with Copycat Violence Collective , Denver ( Colorado)
 2017   Alexi Era Gallery  " Dark Vanities" groupshow, Eugene ( USA)
 2017   Gristle Tattoo Gallery " Pressure"  groupshow , Brooklyn (USA)
 2017   La Bodega Gallery " Venus"  San Diego, California ( on March)
 2017   Swoon Gallery " Muses" Groupshow, LOS ANGELES ( USA)
 2017   Haven Gallery " Mythos" groupshow,  New York
 2017   Cactus Gallery " Bad Girls" Los Angeles ( USA)
 2017   Swoon Gallery  " Mask" groupshow , Los angeles ( USA)
 2017   Swoon Gallery " Where the wild things are" groupshow ( Los Angeles)
 2017   Penumbra Gallery " Potions, Spell & Magic " Groupshow ( Portugal)
 2017   Cactus Gallery " Dia de los Muertos X " Groupshow ( Los Angeles) On October
 2017   1988 Galleries " 4 Cult Show"" Groupshow ( Los Angeles) on September
 2017   Always April Gallery " Melancholia" Groupshow ( Baltimore) USA
 2017   Haven Gallery " Little Big III" New York ( On December)


 2016   Solo Show " Wild at Heart" Alexi Era Gallery ( Oregon, USA) 
 2016   Alexi Era Gallery " Oneirataxia"  ( Illinois, USA)
 2016   Alexi Era Gallery" Emphatic"  (Illinois, USA)
 2016   Penumbra Gallery " BEMUSED"  (Lisboa) featured Copycat Violence Collective
 2016   Cactus Gallery  " Beastly Beings"  ( Los Angeles) USA
 2016   Cactus Gallery  " Symphony of wings" groupshow ( Los Angeles, USA)
 2016   " Tokens of Love" online exhibition of Copycat Violence Collective
 2016   Haven Gallery " The Tempest"   ( Nueva York)
 2016   Gallery 22 " 20x20"  ( Fresneda) Spain
 2016   Haven Gallery " Little Big"   ( New York , USA)
 2016   Penumbra Gallery " All Hallows Eve" Lisboa ( Portugal)
 2016   Swoongallery  groupshow "Muses" ( Los Angeles) USA
 2016   La Bodega Gallery " Little Big" California ( USA)
 2016   Alexi Era Gallery " Kindred Souls" Eugene ( USA)

 2015   Cactus Gallery "Community with ancestors" ( Los Angeles)
 2105   Gristle Tattoo ArtGall ery" The Cimmerians"  ( Brooklyn) NY
 2015   Swoon Gallery  " Muses"    ( Los Angeles)
 2015   Cactus Gallery " Annual theme Bird"  (Los Angeles)
 2015   Alexi Era Gallery " Celestial"
 2015   Alexi era gallery "The day of death"   (Illinois)
 2015   Penumbra Gallery  "memento Mori" Lisboa (Portugal)
 2015   Gristle Tattoo Gallery "interiors"  Brooklyn , feautured Copycat Violence Collective
 2015   Haven Gallery"little big" Nueva York


.   Hospederia virgen de la fuente " A copDe cor". Teruel
.   "Encyclopedia Botanica" Arch Enemy Arts gallery . Philadelphia (USA)

· Convent de San Salvador, Horta de San Joan. Catalunya

· Miradas, Patronato de cultura de Andorra. Teruel.
· Centro cultural La nevera, Morella. Castellón
· Arrels”, Galeria Gemma Noguera. Beceite. Catalunya

· Matarranya Art” Castillo de Valderobres. Teruel

· Galeria artealtea. Valencia.

Hotel Regina, con galerias Fivars. Paris.
Galeria fivars. Valencia.

Exposición itinerante  “Corazones lastimados”, con el colectivo “Artemisa y compañía”. Jaca y Huesca.

· Exposición con el colectivo “Artemisa y compañía” “el laberinto de nuestro tiempo”
  en Centro Matadero de Huesca y Palacio de congressos en Jaca.
· Colectiva “Art en Blaus, Granollers 

Exposiciones Individuales

2020 SOLO SHOW in Haven Gallery NY
2016 SoLo Show in Alexi Era Gallery (USA) 

· Sala de exposiciones Monroyo.Teruel.

· Hotel El Castell, Valderobres. Teruel.

· Mas pi, Verges. Girona

· Centro de negocios Centrovia, la Muela. Zaragoza

· Hotel Guadalupe , Alcañiz

· Sala de exposiciones “La torreta” Fuentespalda. Teruel
· Ayuntamiento de Fuentespalda.
· Sala Macià, Barcelona

Premios y publicaciones
2017 Featured in Isuue 001 The Guide Artists
2017 Featured in Beautiful bizarre Magazine Issue 016 ( Digital version)
2016 Featured and Interview Plenilunnio Magazine
2016  featured and Interview Obscured Magazine
2016 featured and Interview (
Artist featured in
2017 Next featured in Blo Pop Magazine Issue 3

· Galerías Fivars. (seleccionada)

· Segundo premio en el concurso “Desideri lombarte  “. Teruel

· Primer premio concurso “Desideri lombarte “(peñarroya de Tastavins)
· Cover´s Book  “ Nacer en el ombligo de la luna” de Karina Falcón. ( Edited in Mexico)