PACHAMAMA oil on canvas. 50x50Cm  $550

Golden garden. o  il on table 20" (50Cm).    $500

MaLAKA oil on canvas 20" (50x50cm).  $500

before the flight while the monsters are sleeping.  oil on canvas 85x40cm.    $700 SOLD

Serendipia oil on panel.  45cm  $320.  

Birds.  oil on canvas. 40x40xm.    $320

Siren.  oil on canvas /Framed) 60x50cm.  $750

Hannya mask ( tha Japanese Mask). oil on panel 45Cm.       $400

Nala  oil on round panel 50cm.   $500 SO LD
My little Dragon   oil on canvas. $400
Shamana oil on canvas 40x40cm  SOLD

HEBE The goddess. oil on canvas  56x45cm. $550

Nell oil on canvas 54x46cm   $570 

Hanging Garden. oil on table 50x50cm. $550 Cm 

Indy and the Owl.  54x46cm.   $550  SOLD

Katrina Blue  oil on canvas

50x38cm  $550

Friends oil on table 40x40cm     $350

Ladyskull 40x40cm oil on canvas $500

SAVAGE GARDEN oil on wood 56x65 cm Available trough Haven Gallery (
" Dragonheart" oil on wood 20"x20" 700USD Available through Sally Centigrade Gallery 

" Ladyhawk┬┤s daughter" oil on wood 56x45cm      550 USD


" Rebirthing II" oil on Round Pine wood  20"   450 USD